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You have heard of Tiananmen Square and China's killing of its own Citizenry by its army. Well before Tiananmen Square, there was Kent State.

On May 4, 1970 an event happened that shocked the nation and the world. Four unarmed students were shot and killed while nine others were wounded on an American College Campus by National Guardsman as the students protested the War in Vietnam.

The college, Kent State University in Kent Ohio. On May 4, 2006 we will commemorate this event as its 36th anniversary is marked. I encourage all who read this to attend. Stand up and be counted. Join me and others in saying never again. Never again will America permit armed soldiers to shoot unarmed civilians.

Below are the pictures that brought tears to the eyes of a nation and a world as we screamed why??? Please send a message that says, no government no where will be tolerated as it turns its military and its weaponry on its unarmed citizens, least of all our own. As we preach Human Rights to the world, I ask you to reflect on an event that changed America forever.

The burned out ROTC which was scheduled for demolition.

Tear gas being fired at the students

Student Alan Canfora waving black flag at Ohio National Guard minutes before they opened fire killing four students and wounding 9. Canfora was shot and wounded as he searched for safety behind a tree.

Canfora with flag, his sister Roseann on left. Guardsman in background about 2 minutes before they opened fire.

Students run for cover as the Guardsman open fire. The students killed were in the parking lot.

Guardsman before turning 180 degrees and opening fire on unarmed students.

Guardsman as they fire 67 shots at unarmed students. All 13 victims were full time students , dispelling the myth about outside agitators.

Student Joe lewis after being shot twice just 60 feet away from his triggerman. Students assist Lewis as Guardsman walk away offering no assistance to anyone.

Guardsman stand near the body of Jeff Miller after he was shot through the head and killed instantly. Within seconds after the massacre these members of Company C tear gassed the area around Jeffs dead body. Captain Ronald Snyder of Company C falsely claimed to have found a gun on Millers corpse. Snyder later lied under oath about finding the weapon, he finally admitted to lying in 1975.

This photo taken just seconds after Jeff Miller was killed by The Ohio National guard.

This Pulitzer Prize winning photo was taken by KSU student John Filo. It shows young Mary Vecchio as she screams over the dead body of 19 year old Jeff Miller. This picture was published throughout the world and has remained etched in our mind as the reminder of the Massacre at Kent State.

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